Big Disk Energy V3

After thinking on the way back after Norwalk Havoc December 2018, I came to the conclusion that to become more stable, BDE's 'triangle of stability' is going to have to grow I didn't have enough time or want to make a new frame to change the rear wheel contact points, so I opted to make a titanium piece that bolts on under the blade to move the front skid further forward.

I didn't CAD this addition out, I just did some weight calculations to see how much weight needed to be shaved off of BDE for this titanium tongue. This piece weighs 12g which isn't much but BDE is only 2g under weight, with a top screw missing. I had to shave weight somewhere on the robot.

I decided that the piece to take weight out of was the outer weapon housing. There was space for 6 holes and I decided to face a little bit of material off the top to get a little more weight out.

These changes freed up 14g, just enough to add this tongue and put the last top plate bolt back on.

I also changed from 2 3s 450mah tattau lipos to 2 3s 500mah bolt lipos so I can optionally charge the pack an extra volt higher and have a higher current capacity (while spinning BDE up you can see the blade RPM dip then come back up from the voltage drop across the pack) This had no impact on the weight since these packs weigh the same.

Here is BDE ready to fight again